Logistics automation

Two leading consumer electronics chains were able to automate their logistics processes and reducer their operational costs with the implementation of our Logistic Orchestrator Omnix.

Grupo Efe has accompanied thousands Peruvian families since 1961, under its chains La Curacao and Tiendas Efe. For the Group, being able to integrate all the channels where they are in contact with the customer, putting the customer at the center and giving them a seamless experience was a necessary task. And to deploy its ambitious omnichannel strategy, it was key to have a robust system specialized in the orchestration of the logistics chain: Omnix.

With Omnix, Grupo Efe was able to make all inventory available in real time from its distribution centers, warehouses and points of sale, as well as to enable omni-channel methods such as Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS), dropshipping, pick up from lockers -located in strategic areas-, so that their customers can buy their products wherever they are, in the shortest possible time and choose the delivery option of their choice. Omnix makes this possible by integrating the entire chain and automating logistics processes, anticipating failures, orchestrating unforeseen events and triggering corrective actions in an automated way, achieving delivery promise based on the company’s real capabilities, generating efficencies and ensuring operational continuity.

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