Orchestrate contingencies and optimize the operational chain

Solving the logistic challenges of companies

OMNIX is a Logistics Orchestrator with neural network and IA capabilities that orchestrates unforeseen events and optimizes the operational chain. We seek to free management from the urgent and allow them to focus on generating value for their businesses.

The complete supply chain and automates logistics processes
All integrated systems
Stock-out and errors
Unforeseen events
Trigger corrective actions

Make decisions and trigger actions in real-time to secure operational continuity

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OMNIX operates in industrial, telecommunication, retail and mining companies. Our clients exceed USD 1B in yearly sales and generate more than 10M transactions per month.


Operational Continuity for Industries

Raise your service level and that of your suppliers by orchestrating the entire logistics chain, allowing your company to reduce costs, accelerate delivery and reduce resources by automating processes.

Omnichannel for Retail

Allow consumers to buy your products wherever they are, in the shortest possible time and where delivery is most convenient for them, by considering the real capacity and replenishment of your supply chain. Avoid lost sales, improve your customer satisfaction and ensure operational continuity.

Availability for Telecommunications

Increase turnover, reduces stock-out and allow omnichannel services by inventory availability in real time and by orchestrating unforeseen events in the supply chain.

Operational Continuity for Mining

Achieve availability of your resources and those of your third parties without generating a break in the distribution chain and traceability of materials, securing operational continuity- we understand that the cost of detention is enormously higher than the cost of materials.

OMNIX takes care of contingencies so you focus on generating value for your business

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